Innovative Uses for Recycled Plastic

Innovative Uses for Reused and Recycled Plastic: Creative Solutions for Sustainability As the world grapples with escalating environmental issues, plastic innovation has quickly found its footing as a lenient solution. Remaining at the cutting-edge of sustainability, RMC Plastics is leading the charge by reimagining how we interact with this pervasive material. From derelict waste to [...]

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Engineered Grade Plastics vs Commodity Grade Plastics

Engineered Grade Plastics vs Commodity Grade Plastics: Differences, Properties, and Applications Understanding the world of plastics can often seem like decoding a complex chemical puzzle. For those embroiled in manufacturing and plastic-based product development, distinguishing between Engineered Grade Plastics and Commodity Grade Plastics is essential. But what exactly are these grades, how do they differ [...]

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Injection Molding – Plastic Applications

What Is Injection Molding: The Manufacturing Process for Plastic Applications In the world of plastic manufacturing, there lies a fascinating and widely used process known as injection molding. A quiet hero, it's behind many of the plastic items that populate our lives daily from bottle caps to car parts, toys to tech accessories. Get ready [...]

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Plastic Product Manufacturers

Houston Plastic Product Manufacturers: Local Suppliers You Can Trust In a world where quality and reliability shape the face of industries, choosing a trusted local supplier becomes crucial. This is particularly true in Houston's thriving plastics industry, known for its exceptional plastic product manufacturers. In this blog post, we spotlight some of the city's standout [...]

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Prototype Manufacturing – Development and Rapid Prototyping

Prototype Manufacturing: Product Development and Rapid Prototyping Imagine accelerating your product development process from months to just days; that's the power of rapid prototyping. As a leading prototype manufacturer in Houston, RMC Plastics has proven itself to be an unstoppable force in transforming ideas into physical realities with precision and speed. In this blog post, [...]

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Top Plastic Manufacturers

Top Plastic Manufacturers for 2024: High-Quality Plastic Products and Services Why care about Plastic Manufacturers. Plastic is so woven into our everyday life that we barely notice it. From the packaging of your favorite snacks to gadgets you rely on, plastic plays a far bigger role than most people give it credit for. In this [...]

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Rapid Prototyping Services

Rapid Prototyping Services: Fast and Efficient 3D Printing for Product Development In the ever-evolving world of manufacturing, one aspect remains crystal clear: speed and efficiency are paramount. Novel approaches keep emerging to fulfill these needs and guess what, Rapid Prototyping services are at the helm! Through cutting-edge 3D printing technology, it’s now possible to turn [...]

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Sinker & Wire EDM

Discover the Industry-Leading Sinker & Wire EDM Capabilities with Precision Machining Dive into the heart of innovation with us as we unveil our industry-leading Sinker and Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) capabilities, bringing unprecedented precision to intricate plastic injection molding tasks. In an industry where quality and precision are paramount, RMC Plastics is ready to [...]

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

In light of the current situation surrounding COVID-19, we wanted to assure our community that RMC Plastics is taking the necessary precautions to keep both our employees and our customers safe.  We know that these are difficult times for our nation and our hearts go out to those impacted by the coronavirus. We are here [...]

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Is Your Supply Chain Secure?

Is the Coronavirus outbreak in China going to effect your supply chain?  Many companies are asking themselves that very question and how are they going to manage their supply chain risk in the future.  Truth is we don't know how much current or lasting effect will be felt, but why not explore moving your injection [...]

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