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RMC Plastics is an injection-molding specialist, providing industry-leading, high-performance solutions for your prototyping needs.

We are a small, Houston-based, family owned and operated company who pride ourselves on personal service and attention to detail. Our customers love us because we deliver value, accuracy, and quality, shortening time-to-market and ensuring that their needs are met within their budget and timelines.

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Rapid prototyping: what it is and how it works

Rapid prototyping is a method by which manufacturers and entrepreneurs can bring a product to life quickly, before introducing it into the manufacturing cycle.

Prototyping is essential for many reasons: it allows you to test and refine the product to perfection before you invest in the manufacturing cycle. It also allows you to present a product to the public, to customers or to investors to gauge interest.

Rapid prototyping is of great value to companies as it allows them to move quickly to take advantage of trends in the market and, as we all know, the first to market will always take the lion’s share of the profits.

Our process

We start by working closely with you to understand your idea, the part, and its application.

Since there is a multitude of variables that can affect the performance of your part, we like to dive deep into specifics so that we not only understand your expectations but so that you are aware of the pros and cons of each variable and how your decisions at this stage will affect your long-term results.

Our rapid prototypes are created using an additive process. Using the latest 3D modeling software, we create a computerized simulation of your product. Once the model is approved, we produce the prototype using an injection molding process.

The part is then tested to ensure accuracy and performance before the final mold is made.

Once the mold is complete, we test the molds in a variety of materials and, finally, once samples have been approved, we apply our experience and fleet of injection molding machines to manufacture the parts to your satisfaction.

Some of the benefits of working with RMC Plastics for your prototyping needs:

  • Small team

  • Family legacy

  • Highly responsive

  • Attention to detail

  • Industry-proven accuracy

  • Top-quality results

  • Invested in your success

  • Houston based operation

  • Commitment to timelines and budgets

  • Best value in domestic rapid prototyping

  • Fast turnarounds

  • Competitive rates

We also offer consultation services that run the gamut from product design to tooling design, tooling fabrication, material selection, product manufacturing, and fulfillment.

Whether you are getting ready to produce your first prototype part or if this is one of the thousands of great ideas you continue to churn out, you can always count on us to go above and beyond to ensure your project is a success.

Reach out today to learn more about rapid prototyping. We would love to hear about your idea and show you how we can help.

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