Houston warehousing and distribution solutions

Once your parts are designed, fabricated, assembled, and packaged, we offer full warehousing services to ensure your product is ready to go when needed. This foundational need takes a great deal of stress and worry away from your daily routine and helps you focus on value-driven tasks, such as building your business through sales and innovation.

Optimize your supply chain

Your stock is held in our warehouse and is available for shipment with lightning-fast one-day turnaround. It’s truly a win-win situation because it means that your customers will never have to worry about running out of your product and you can enjoy a more consistent cash flow without any extra effort on your part. What’s not to love?

RMC Plastics

Working with RMC Plastics for your warehousing needs has many benefits, including:

  • Single source solution from the production line to the supply chain

  • End-to-end services from product design to distribution

  • Product fulfillment

  • Contract fulfillment

  • Long-term and seasonal storage available

  • Complete inventory management

  • Simplify your supply chain and lower your costs

  • Delivery of parts to outside manufacturing locations if needed

  • On-time, reliable delivery

  • State-of-the-art technology applies to all processes

  • Inventory management systems

  • Vendor-managed inventory

Your items are stocked and stored at our Houston warehouse until they are ready to ship. We provide a range of storage options to suit the needs of specific products, generally offering an open-rack system that is both easy to manage and convenient to access.

Flexible Houston warehousing solutions for today’s business

In today’s unpredictable business climate, it is sometimes hard to predict what your specific warehousing needs will be. Our solution offers you the ability to scale as needed without taking on a lot of additional risks. You can leave the heavy lifting to us and get back to what you do best!\

Whether it’s components you need to store or fully assembled, finished products, we can design a solution that works for you and your budget.

No out-of-stock situations

If you are a manufacturing customer, you can also take advantage of our continuous availability guarantee. This means that if stock is running low, we will put another run into production immediately to ensure we maintain your pre-set minimum levels. This gives you a one-stop solution and streamlines the production process so that you can rest easy, knowing your interests are always being taken care of.

Transparency is our middle name

Having been in business since 1966, RMC Plastics knows a thing or two about the way Houston does business. In our experience, it doesn’t matter if your company is a mom-and-pop, a solo operation, or a major enterprise – if you are serious about success, you always want to know how your company is doing. This is why we do our best to provide you with all the tools you need to manage your assets, both on and offline.

Our inventory and warehousing systems are fully digitized and housed in the cloud, giving you complete access to reports and information whenever and wherever you choose. In the terrestrial world, you are always welcome to drop by for a visit, either to check on your stock, monitor your part production, get a tour of our Houston plant and the warehouse, or just catch up with the RMC team. The coffee’s always on.

Ultimately, when you work with us, you are part of the family. We want you to know that you are welcome to be as hands-on or hands-off as you want to be. It is all about you, after all.

Turnkey plastic injection molding projects

Warehousing is not just for big box stores and mass-producers. It holds just as much value for “the little guy” as it does for the enterprise. Many of our clients are entrepreneurs who develop products, obtain financing, and take them to market. Knowing that there is only so much one person can do on their own, we provide a range of services that are fundamental to their success. In this scenario, the innovator brings us an idea.

We help them develop the design, choose materials, and produce the prototype, which they then use to secure funding. If the product is successfully funded, we then proceed to the next order of business, which is to begin manufacturing. Once manufactured, assembled, and packaged, we store the inventory and ship out according to need. Already, our innovator is working on his/her next big idea – and so, the cycle continues.

This entrepreneur is able to stay in the creative zone because we are taking care of the nuts and bolts. Of course, our turnkey services are completely scalable, so when that entrepreneur strikes a vein and becomes a global enterprise, they will never outgrow us. Flexible, agile, scalable, and fully committed to your ongoing success: that’s RMC Plastics in a nutshell. Call today to learn more about our warehousing services or to set up a free consultation.

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