11″ Spool

RMC’s all-purpose plastic spool is made from Polystyrene and is extremely versatile.  Our spool is a three piece design, two flanges and one core/barrel.  Unlike other manufacturers, our core/barrel is injection molded, versus extrusion, for consistent quality.  Flanges and cores sold separately, unassembled, to save freight.

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  • Distance between flanges when assembled, the traverse length, is 6.625”
  • Stock Flanges are available in Blue and White (custom colors available upon request)
    • Actual flange diameter is 10.8125”.
    • The Arbor Hole, center of the flange, is 1.19” diameter.
    • Drive Hole, which is next to the center/arbor hole, is 0.48” diameter.
    • Start Hole in the flange is next to the core and is 0.51” diameter.
    • Finish Hole, or tie-off hole, is next to the outer edge of the flange and is 0.51” diameter.
  • Core/Barrel is available in White
    • Outside diameter of core/barrel is 3.5” and is offered in 3″ and 6” long versions.
    • Injection molded, versus extrusion, for consistency.


Part # Description Carton Quantity
FL-1100WH 11″ Spool Flange – White 125
FL-110BL 11″ Spool Flange – Blue 125
COR-3500 3.5″ x 6″ Spool Core 125
COR-3503 3.5″ x 3″ Spool Core 125

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