Duct Cone

Duct Cone

Designed for use as a protector in pulling wire in ducts, RMC’s Duct Cone Line is size- specific for 2” and 3” Schedule 40 pipe. Our duct cones fit inside the conduit end and are tapered for a snug fit. Cones are constructed from Low Density Polyethylene with an extra thick rolled and smooth edge for excellent protection. The smooth radiused, “bell-type” opening both prevents wire insulation from being cut or stripped off of the conductor while being pulled through the conduit and reduces friction, which makes pulling wire an easier task. When left in at open end of duct, our duct cones give lasting protection against vibration wear on insulation.

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RMC Duct Cones

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Part #DescriptionTrade SizeCarton Quantity
DC-2022″ Duct Cone2-inch Schedule 4050
DC-2033″ Duct Cone3-inch Schedule 40100