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Knock Out Test Plugs

Knock Out Test Plugs

Our full line of Made in the U.S.A. inset Knock Out Test Plugs are designed for easy and economical leak testing of your plumbing system before final installation. Plugs can be knocked out with a hammer once testing is completed.

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RMC Knock Out Test Plugs

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  • Use with Schedule 40 ABS or PVC DWV piping.
  • Multiple sizes to fit your pipe.
  • Test plug is solvent welded into the pipe end.
  • Knock out center.
  • Made with high impact polystyrene.
  • Also prevents debris from entering plumbing system during construction.
Part #DescriptionA-Bottom DiameterB-Top DiameterL-LengthBurst Pressure RatingCarton Quantity
KOP-15001.5” Knock-Out Test Plug1.58″1.87″0.33″240 psi5,000
KOP-15002.0” Knock-Out Test Plug2.05″2.34″0.33″140 psi5,000
KOP-15003.0” Knock-Out Test Plug3.05″3.48″0.37″60 psi2,400
KOP-15004.0” Knock-Out Test Plug4.00″4.47″0.43″35 psi1,200