Injection Molding 2018 Overview

The plastics industry in the United States benefited from both the expanding domestic economy and continued on-boarding of overseas production.  Largest gains went to pipe and profile extruders and there was active M&A activity across [...]

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Benefits of Injection Molding in Manufacturing

Plastic injection molding is a widely used method of producing machine parts and other products. Injection molding is mostly used in the manufacturing industries because of its superior benefits compared to other forms of plastic [...]

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Resin Pricing June ’18. What’s to Blame?

We have been experiencing a steady uptick in thermoplastics as feed-stock pricing has increased, but is that the culprit?  Read how recent plant shutdowns has restricted supply in Polypropylene and you be the judge: [...]

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New Injection Molding Capacity

Always looking to serve our clients better, RMC Plastics has added a new 135 Ton Haitian Plastic Injection Molding Machine to our fleet.  Ready to help with your next project.  Contact RMC today.

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Back Up and Running After Harvey

Dear Friends,   We took a pretty big punch from Hurricane Harvey, but after a few days of cleanup and repair, RMC Plastics (formerly JMC Plastics) is back up and running.  Our hearts go out [...]

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Plastic Production Ramping Up

With historically cheap and abundant feed stocks from shale gas, majors like Dow, Exxon Mobil, LyondellBasell and Chevron Phillips are completing their planned expansions of plastic production capacity on the Gulf Coast.  Looking forward to the increased [...]

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