Meter Seals

RMC Plastics’ gas/water meter seal is designed to make quick work of locking out the supply valve on your customer’s gas or water meter.  Plastic Tamper Detection device for lock wing valves.

  • Trap Seal for Lock Wing Valves
  • No more dealing with faulty metal locks due to ice, rust and dirt. Every seal is new!
  • Less weight (a technician can easily carry a bag of 100 meter seals in one hand).
  • Warns customers of extra charge if tampered with. The phrase, “PENALTY Do not remove seal” is molded onto the face of each seal.


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RMC Meter Seals

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Part # Description
MS-001YL Meter Seal – Yellow
MS-001RD Meter Seal – Red
MS-001BL Meter Seal – Blue
MS-001PK Meter Seal – Pink

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