SG-4712 Wildlife Protector

Because of its versatility, solid construction and great design, RMC Plastics’ SG-4712 has kept its original design and has been in constant production since 1987. The SG-4712, designed to accommodate larger sized bushings, is used in locations where maximum height is required above the bushing.

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RMC SG-4712 Protector

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For Distribution Voltage Class Surge Arresters and Primary Transformer Bushings

  • Two-piece construction with identical halves (enhanced compatibility no left or right).
  • Snaps together easily and securly with Positive Latching System. Can be removed for  equipment maintenance or change-out and reinstalled.
  • Internal rings designed to close around two bushing skirts for increased stability.
  • Prefabricated cutouts can be removed to accommodate arrester jumper or air gap arresters.
  • Drain slots incorporated in internal skirt rings to prevent excess moisture accumulation.
  • UV enhanced High-Density Polyethylene resin for long service life.
  • Dimensions: 4.7” I.D. by 12” high
  • Color: Storm Gray
  • Quanity: 20 per carton

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